... so that we may be free from corrupt representation, factional impositions and unjust settlements  

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About Emancipation

Emancipation is an online medium produced by Agence Presse Européenne (APE), a British media group. Emancipation has been designed to replace several APE online media including, British Strategic Review, Scotland Review and The Irish Observer all of which have been phased out.

Emancipation's format is that of a magazine where articles appear as events occur or analyses are completed by our editorial team.

We are largely concerned with reporting on the events which promote or constrain the emancipation of the people of Britain. Articles normally have a durable significance and utility in terms of analysis, lessons learned and conclusions. In this context articles will be updated to take into account new findings and evidence so as to ensure their accuracy and relevance. When articles are updated the date of update is indicated at the end of the article.

Emancipation, as in the case of all APE media, is independent of commercial groups, other media groups as well as UK and non-UK political parties.

Emancipation complies with APE group operational norms of providing the right to reply of interested parties to any content posted.

The editor of Emancipation is Jonathan Swift.

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