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2nd Quarter, 2019  

New editorial team

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The editorial team of Emancipation has changed as a result of the end of the last year's franchise editorial contract.

The new editorial team is headed by Johanathan Swift.

Swift intends to cover current affairs from the standpoint of constitution and constitutional economics as a basis for sustaining social wellbeing through freedom of choice and peaceful co-existence.

We will be archiving previous edition content and will provide access via the Archives section.

Like many before him, Chris Williamson is being persecuted by alien forces linked to Israel, within the Labour party

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The anti-Semitism saga or witchhunt continues in the Labour party and it is becoming evident that those deciding on such quick expulsions leading to major media headlines are working against the interests of the Labour party.

Chris Williamson, a Labour MP happened to mention what is well known that the Israeli embassy is behind the anti-Semitic smear campaign waged against Labour and Corbyn. In fact his immediate expulsion rather than an investigation into the role of Israel, reflects highly suspicious motivation to act in the interests of an alien power. Those operating any 5th column operations on behalf of an alien force need to be identified and expelled before they leave of their own volition or under instruction, alleging falsely, and to script, that they are leaving because of Jeremy Corbyn.

The allegation of there being links to the Israeli embassy are based on the secret operations managed by the government of Israel's Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy (MSAPD) which now mainly target those who support Palestinians and in particular BDS through dirty tricks and media campaigns. When Jeremy Corbyn was elected head of the Labour party, as a well known supporter of the Palestinian cause, the MSAPD invested major efforts to undermine his status within Labour and UK politics by concentrating on anti-Semitic accusations.

The MSAPD was created in 2006 for Avigdor Lieberman with the role of co-ordinating security, intelligence and diplomatic initiatives regarding Iran and other strategic threats, reporting to Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert. The ministry was closed down three months later when Lieberman left the government. It was subsequently resurrected and reorientated to its current role by Benjamin Netanyehu in 2009. The ministry oversees foreign spy operations and in particular, illegal surveillance and subversion operations outside Israel targeting pro-Palestinian and BDS activists and others. It is currently headed by Likud official Gilad Erdan.

A 5th column within the Labour party acting on behalf of an alien force

In the picture on the right, Jeremy Newmark is sitting between disgraced Israeli embassy agent Shai Masot and Israeli ambassador Mark Regev at a private meeting during Labour’s 2016 conference. Newmark was seen in undercover Al Jazeera footage giving the ambassador “intelligence.” Electronic Intifada has revealed that the Jewish Labour Movement was revived in 2015 to battle Jeremy Corbyn as a right-wing organization with intimate ties to the Israeli embassy. Although the Jewish Labour Movement claims to have been affiliated to Labour for a century it would seem that the dormant Jewish Labour Movement was revived by political allies of Israel as a weapon against Corbyn, the left and the wider Palestine solidarity movement. On 13th September, it is reported that the Jewish Labour Movement chair Jeremy Newmark told a members only function that “a bunch of us sat in a coffee shop in Golders Green, to talk about re-forming the JLM to do something with it.” The 2015 plan to reconstitute the Jewish Labour Movement came against the backdrop of what Newmark described as “the rise of Jeremy Corbyn” and “Bernie Sanders in the states.” Corbyn was first elected Labour leader in September 2015.

Newmark is currently under investigation by the police for alleged fraud. He is still the lead Labour councilor in a North London suburb. He has been an Israel lobby operative and has close ties to the Israeli government, including its London embassy, for over 10 years. Newmark told the September 2016 gathering – a barbecue for members of the Jewish Labour Movement youth wing – that his group of associates had planned on “utilizing the rights and privileges it [JLM] enjoys as a socialist society” within Labour. The Jewish Labour Movement has been a leading force pushing the false “Labour anti-Semitism crisis” over the last three years. The transcript shows that Newmark described this as the “start of a struggle and a battle we will all be engaged in for months and probably years ahead of us.” It is alleged that Newmark claimed that Corbyn was compelled to back off support for an academic boycott of Israel “because of the political job that was done around that issue.” “We now need to replicate that on broader issues.” Othere statements by Newmark includ, “behind the scenes lobbying and the legal legwork,” as well as the involvement of a group called Engage, “the left-wing campaign against anti-Semitism,” were key to this pro-Israel strategy. “We built a robust political discourse, rooted in the politics of the left and deployed it in their own backyard.”

What needs to be investigated

The more overt involvement of Israeli officials was more obvious three years ago as can be seen from the Electronic Intifada reports. However, the objective of this type of strategy is to build up a group within the party who for various reasons are prepared to act in Israel's interests, largely following the vector that any criticism of Israel or any Israeli agency, including government, is anti-Semitic. Given the extraordinary bloodletting in the Middle East that has resulted from Israel's foreign policy under Netanyehu which succeeded in securing support of both the USA and Saudi Arabia to keep Israel's backyard in turmoil while illegal settlements advance with the objective of making the two state solution non-viable. This policy has seen Shia, Christians and other minority religious groups being slaughtered by the coalition's proxies who also have operated a sex trade in widows and young girls from these minority groups. The proxies use a device of changing their names to confuse and so that Western intelligence can refer to one group as moderate and freedom fighters and others as terrorists, but all along, the core of all of these proxies has been made up of al Qaeda operatives who have been actively supported by the USA, UK, Israel and Saudi Arabia. The only group that does not fall into this category are the Kurd units who have been effective in fighting terrorists.

It is amazing that people who think, criticism of this chaos and mass murder is anti-Semitic, are members of the Labour party. However, such people are difficult to identify at first but can be traced by their actions and decisions and by their, usually out of context, declarations in the House of Commons leveled at Jeremy Corbyn in the forms of baseless accusations of anti-Semitism. It is evident that there remains a core group within the party who are continue to pursue and promote the anti-Semitism campaign actively. As is now evident, a pattern has emerged where accusations are made, the media is immediately informed. There follows a "procedure" that " takes time" so the majority of the individuals concerned, who are falsely accused, are reinstated but the media tends to ignore this follow up. The overall impact has been a gradual undermining of the image of the Labour party and Corbyn. The Labour party has a certain parochial nature, a reluctance to suspect that their might be fifth columnists working on behalf of an alien power within their ranks. This naivity is what permits such schemes as the anti-Semitism campaign to continue because the leadership is being too slow, no, not to control anti-Semitism - it hardly exists in the Labour party, but to identify those carrying out this attack and expelling them from the party. It is vitally important that the party monitors who has made up, and who now makes up, the contributors to the taking of these damaging decisions. Why, after all, is the media always informed? These matters should be confidential and investigated first and, if evidence confirms racism, then a decision can be taken. This alien scheme has continued to damage the image of the Labour party and media reporting and the government MPs use these incidents to attack Jeremy Corbyn personally. This is obviously manipulated by a group inside the party acting in the interests of alien interests outside the party. It represents a serious erosion in transparency clearly undermining the fundamental principals os Labour and creating a false image of the party which is, of course, the objective. The recent decision of The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to investigate anti-Semitism is regarded as yet another extension of this campaign in reaction to requests by those who support Israel's aims.

Malaysian prime minister questions efficacy of the MH17 investigation

The prime minister of Malaysia, Mr. Mahathir Mohamad, raised questions concerning the conduct of the Dutch led investigation into the downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in 2014 while it was flying over Eastern Ukraine. As is the unanimous conclusion of the APE team, he stated that, so far he has seen no evidence to justify the widespread assumption that Russian units fired the missile that downed the plane resulting in the deaths of over 298 passengers and crew. Much of the information used to blame Russia came from Bellingcat a investigative team funded by Western NGOs but Bellingcat reported that the mobile Buk missile unit, used to down the Malaysian Boeing 777, was from the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade in Kursk, Russia and had crossed the border into Ukraine, downed flight MH17 and then returned to Russia. However, the serial numbers on the Buk remnants that were very evident from the inestigation rports and associated images, were traced back through the manufacturers and assignment records indicated that this specific system was transferred to Ukraine miltary units in 1986, and it had remained under the control of the Ukrainian military. There is very litle doubt as to the accuracy of this data given the discipline of the old Soviet, and current Russian authorities, on questions related to poduction and assignment records concerning military equipment.

Another important piece of evidence is that the shape of the shrapnel damage on the plane also was of this older Buk design. The current Buks use shrapnel platelets with a different shape. The Buks of this vintage have not been used by the Russian military for many years.

The prime minister revealed that the details of the plane's black box were hidden from the Malaysian officials who in any case were barred from the investigative team along with Russians who could provide precise records and relevant technical inputs. On the other hand the intelligence officials from the Ukraine participated directly in the investigation.

It is self-evident that this investigation was not objective and was biased. Given the gravity of the case this cynical result of cash diplomacy is a disgrace and hides the truth.

The prime minister's own comment was that from the very beginning the investigation was too political and that it was not a neutral examination.

It is notable that the thorough enquiry reports issued by the Russians to the investigation team were ignored.

There is an unsettling trend in the so-called investigations which end up alleging Russian culpability such as the case of the alleged poisoning of the Skripals in Salisbury where the UK authorities have refused toanswer questions posed by th Russian government and have issued no convincing evidence. Several false flag mounted videos used as "evidence" have been created by the White Helmets in Syria alleging chemical attacks by the Syrian government. Recent internal reports from the investigating organization (OPCW) that report that the gas cylinders identified as the source of gas were placed in their locations by people on the ground. The only people there at the time were Jabhat al Nusra and the White Helmets both of whom are al Qaeda branches, a terrorist organization. The OPCW clearly ignored the contents of this report completed by on site inspectors. The other White Helmet video production was the hospital scene in Syria where children were being doused with water in a simulated gas attack. This widely circulated video has also turned out to be a false flag on the basis of evidence provided by those present in the hospital scene and who were manhandled by the White Helmets. It was used by the USA, UK and France to launch attacks on Syria.

One of the main funding agencies of the White Helmets is the Foreign Office of the United Kingdom government and one of the people lobbying for the OPCW to be able to assign blame for these "chemical attacks" as British Foreign Secretary at the time, was Boris Johnson.

It is a matter of extreme concern that this individual is a candidate for leadership of the Conservative party and could be the next prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Hackers, Whistle blowers and Journalists

The savage transgressions and rape of the US Constitution's first Amendment, by those drawing up the request for extradition of Julian Assange, has increased with the ridiculous vindictive and travesty of justice of 50 weeks detention ordered by a UK judge. So-called democracies, who are preach their adherence to the principles of upholding freedom, justice and the rule of law, are running a vicious campaign of fear leveled at those who hold the truth in high esteem. The main proponents of this scheme are the intelligence and military communities who have been embarrassed by what has been shown to be their total incompetence.

For example when schoolboys hack into Pentagon computer systems rather than ask the hacker how they did this so as to close that loophole, these immature and shallow vain warriors react like spoiled brats and attempt to impose severe punishments on the hackers. It is self-evident that who should be punished, in such cases, are those who designed the Pentagon security systems.

When is comes to whistle blowers, it is normally the case that they take action when established procedures for raising concerns are not followed by their superiors. The US and UK have so-called whistle blower legislation designed to "protect" whistle blowers. Most large organizations and the military has strict internal regulations that require employees to report any wrongdoing or transgression of the law. However, when they do so, invariably the reaction is to hide the transgressions rather than resolve them. If a whistle blower then moves to expose this corruption of procedures, they are the first to be punished and ostracized by the organization who almost always seek vicious retribution. In the case of government organizations, intelligence agencies and the military the reaction is more forceful because of the exaggerated dimensions of the self-esteem, importance and status they assign to themselves results in a visceral reaction when they are exposed; they will misrepresent to defend themselves and invariably will turn the tables on the whistler through various illicit and dishonest means. However, most of their actions transgress any notions of upholding the freedom, justice and the rule of law. One of the characteristics of the defence of such organizations is to speak in terms of the organization not in terms of the individuals who are plainly guilty. The organization, its name and esteem, exposed to be a hoax, is non-the-less used as the corporate veil behind which these corrupt individuals hide. The degree of moulding of exaggerated images of the "integrity" and "professionalism" of such the FBI and the CIA by Hollywood and TV series is taken seriously by the inhabitants of these organizations. However, the same is true of international and private organizations. This brand image and lack of transparency is used, behind the scenes to single out and accuse others, usually in lower ranks as being the "guilty parties" and who take the rap.

As a result of these deep flaws in the character, immorality and the ethical void in the makeup of such people they are now behaving in an irrational and overt fashion exposing their malignant and socially destructive behavior for all to see in their attacks on publishers, journalists, alternative media or bloggers who, in spite of the desire of such "leaders" to run a campaign of fear to hide their incompetence and corruption, all work in the public interest by accepting and exposing the truth.

Why with or without a vote people still wont know what the options are

The incredible confusion reigning in the Westminster bubble which has created the latest EU parliamentary election results persists in the form of a Conservative party leadership election where once again the main topic remains BREXIT with a deal or without. This is pure madness and continues to reflect badly on the intellectual capacity of MPs.

The EU Commission insisted from the outset in separating the withdrawal mechanism from any final trade agreement. So all the discussions to date have referred to a withdrawal mechanism without any trading relationship deal in sight. The fixation of some on leaving the EU has obscured the fact that they don't know what any future trading arrangement will look like and therefore don't know the implications for the British electorate. Even those who push for a no deal exit can't explain what any future trading relationship with the EU will be like. This cavalier attitude is highly irresponsible and it most closely associated with the Conservative leadership candidates such as Boris Johnson.

At a seminar held on Monday 27th May by the past contributors to the British Strategic Report, it was pointed out that none of the British political parties have developed what they consider to be a sound alternative trade arrangement with the EU. By that is meant for any well-defined options, what are the implications for each sector, law and wellbeing of the British population? Politicians think that by referring to the "Swiss model" or the "Norwegian model" with pluses and minuses is a way to inform the public of the implications, this is ridiculous. Such options need to be spelt out clearly as a possible as positions of any future UK government. These would represent the basis for negotiation of the trade arrangement, this can add clarity for the electorate as a result of transparency. It is only on this basis that the withdrawal agreement can be judged as being worth any risk of accepting it to move to negotiate a well-defined trade arrangement.

Those who seem to think we can walk into a future and instantaneously substitute trade with Europe with new trading arrangements with other countries are seriously misrepresenting the facts. For major future trade arrangements that build in adequate parity or equivalence into the negotiation balance between Britain and others, can take up to a decade while the UK economy struggles. To prepare such positions, to document them and to circulate these options to the electorate is a massive amount of work but it needs to be undertaken by any political party who wish to be taken seriously as a body worthy of support.

Of the political parties who have done their homework on domestic issues and who have sound alternative policies already worked out are the Labour party and the Greens. All they need to do is fold back their current proposals into proposed trading agreement package options to be presented to the EU as well as any other country (accepting that specific gaps and needs in trade vary according to the country). The EU does not have to agree to any of these options but at least the electorate will understand the options and their implications for their future personal wellbeing. On this basis a people's vote makes sense.

The promise of the European election results for Britain

During the programmes covering the European election results on UK television on Sunday, 26th May, the only representative of a major party to acknowledge needed change the clarity of expression of the party position was Emily Thornberry, the Shadow Secretary of State of the Labour party. She expressed the concern that "on the doorstep" many people had remained confused about Labour's message and wanted to send a signal of frustration by voting for other smaller parties. However, this was not an admission that Labour had taken the wrong position, it was that their message lacked clarity. To a large extent, however, this is a result of a constantly dismissive attitude of the Conservatives, and indeed other parties, in scrambling Labour's message. The tactic was to simply keep repeating that the Labour party was in turmoil and had no clear position. Of course a largely hostile media, including anchors on Sky and BBC, only played the same game of constantly asking Labour representatives to clarify their position "because people were confused". This only amplified the general notion that Labour was confused. As anyone would expect during the last 3 years, Labour has been sensitive to the transition in people's views on BREXIT and is the only party to attempt to accommodate these. In the case of the Conservatives this discussion became an acrimonious party issue which only became more extreme as Theresa May continued her stubborn refusal to involve, in a truly participatory fashion, representatives of the other parties and devolved assemblies in Scotland and Wales and making the fatal mistake of opting for the support of the DUP in Northern Ireland.

Labour's' message, for some time now, has been clearly that of negotiating to secure an agreeable arrangement and then putting the proposal to the people. This is not an attempt to run another referendum it is an attempt to open up the discourse to allow the electorate to confirm their agreement.

There are now two apparent vectors in the British electorate's position as reflected in the outcome of the European elections. However, it should be remembered that there were no manifestos issued for this election so it is very easy to misinterpret the outcome. It is likely that the Brexit party results were the result of a protest, largely against the Conservative party for "not getting on with delivery", although many Labour party voters voted for Social Democrats and the Greens. Each party, including the Conservatives, have in effect, and in spite of the results of the EU election, congratulated themselves on having the right idea on the basis of the Brexit party's result. The current Conservative party leadership election is taking on the form of selecting the individual most able to deliver that result but also to select someone who can "beat" Jeremy Corbyn. Labour is the only party voicing a position that accommodates both sides of this argument in a way that avoids stalemate or a disastrous EU exit on undefined or WTO terms. As Jeremy Corbyn has stated, the Labour party will review the outcome and consult its membership in order to prepare a position. Although for outsiders this is a frustrating time-consuming participatory process it represents the only truly membership-run political party in the UK. Labour is the largest Socialist party in Europe with extensive EU links. The Labour party process is a reflection of stability and maturity. Within the Westminster bubble, and to some extent in the country, this is misunderstood by many who see politics as something where there is a need for charismatic leaders and "decision-makers"

Since the next step in this process is a General Election, it is necessary to weight up the odds against Labour and these, in reality, are small. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats ran a disastrous coalition government that took the decision to launch "austerity" and exacerbated the situation of debt for students. Under the Conservative government, the last three years have been a demonstration of incompetence without any major decisions being taken on issues of considerable domestic importance. To state the economy is safe with the Conservatives doesn't ring true at all with the continued gouging out of the real economy, the open admission of Boris Johnson of the government's active support of terrorists and affiliate groups such as the White Helmets whose false flag activities are now being exposed. They transferred terrorists to the UK mainland as "intelligence agency assets" and the poor management of these has led to massacres of constituents on the UK mainland such as in Manchester. So security-wise the Conservatives have failed miserably. On the economic front, the government has been treading water and supporting financialization to such as extent that besides the boom in house prices, exacerbating the ability of families purchase homes, rising inequality is marked by a boom in food banks supporting those, many in work, who cannot afford to buy the necessary food for their families. The often repeated claim that there are more in work now than ever is inevitable and a result of the increase in size of the population.
Motley crew: Motley is the traditional costume of the court jester, fool, or the harlequin character in commedia dell'arte. As an adjective, it is generally disparaging — a motley collection is an uninspiring pile of stuff, as in the cliché motley crew.

Lastly, there has been a ridiculous campaign leveled against Jeremy Corbyn involving a motley crew including "leading" corporate media, Conservative MPs, Zionists, Benjamin Netanyehu, 5th columnists supporting Israel atrocities, TV anchors and others who regularly describe Corbyn as a Marxist, friend of terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah the IRA and of being an anti-Semite. What these people do not appear to understand it how ridiculous their campaigns are and how it casts an ominous shadow over the democratic process representing a constant reminder that many in the Westminster bubble take the British electorate for idiots. Jeremy Corbyn has taken the correct path of not lowering himself to the level of these scurrilous and shallow people by never responding with personal attacks. Corbyn also doesn't really need to waste his time responding to these accusations, well-informed constituents know that they are not true.

Britain needs a leader who does not have blood-stained hands, who understands and practices participatory democracy to the benefit of the people of Britain and above all, who is not inclined to support foreign ventures that result in mass murder in the name of Britain causing the displacement of millions of innocent people who now seek refuge in Europe. It is to be hoped that future British leaders should not permit the practice of their government covertly assisting terrorists who are faced by British military in the field, resulting in senseless loss of personnel and the murder of members of the British population on the UK mainland.

The reality is that Labour has a chance to win the next general election with a significant majority if it starts now to explain the shameful foreign exploits and poor economic management track records of the other parties in government. One party with whom Labour should create some form of collaboration is the Green party because a significant number of their European election supporters were younger and many are Labour. Climate change is important and at the next Labour Conference the party should invite Green party representatives to lay out their arguments not to "steal" their policies but to help contribute to them. The frustration of the Scottish and Welsh electorates showed up in the strong showing of the SNP and Plaid Cymru. In Northern Ireland Sinn Fein gained most votes. Labour needs to rethink their Scottish and Northern Ireland strategies to remove the "London-centric" image and prepare more participatory platforms that work to mould support in favour of the interests and expressed needs of these countries. This is not a device for supporting independence or unification in the case of Ireland it is simply extending a well developed participatory process developed by Labour to other parts of the Union. By involving Wales in these processes, it is likely that the Labour vote in Wales could be recovered, paradoxically by working with Plaid Cymru, where possible. Labour's concept of, not for the few but for the many, remains a valid ambition and, the more it is applied, the more people are likely to support this party.

The origins of cascading societal nihilism

Nihilism: Finding nothing to approve of in the established social order and a rejection of all religious and moral principles; life is meaningless.

The current situation in the United Kingdom and elsewhere is unsettling. The combinations of political contention arising from a Parliament unable to arrive at compromise because of the domination of decision making by political parties, the blanking out of important issues due to unrewarded energy spent on BREXIT and rising knife crime point to a malaise. Across Europe the impact of migrants and refugees from a war torn North Africa and Middle East has given rise to a negative political trend.

During the last 20 years international leadership is marked by the lack of inspiring individuals and nationally there are few admirable politicians. In Britain, politicians tend to amass round decisions in support of the policies of the USA which have become increasingly belligerent and destabilizing to other countries. More recently, with the Trump administration, the emphasis on economic and financial welfare of the USA has led to increasing sanctions on many countries who do not agree with the US position. Diplomacy, in the sense of rational and balanced discussion based on mutual interest, has been pushed aside and substituted with threats and an aggressive approach punctuated by the statement, "all options are on the table", which, in many cases is a threat of military intervention. All of the military interventions led by the USA during the last 20 years have been unmitigated failures and disastrous for those countries that have been threatened or exposed to "regime change". Nothing was achieved in terms of the promise of "democracy, freedom and the rule of law". A very stark reality is that this policy, that is held up as an approach that safeguards "Western values", is exercised in a manner which demonstrates that the lives and welfare of the people in these countries are of no consequence and therefore of no interest. The suffering, death and destruction is even voiced by "strategists" as being "a price worth paying".

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The Huawei saga

The leadership of Huawei in mobile and 5G technology is a direct result of this company descending a technological learning curve. The best location for achieving this type of experience is China, simply because of the size of the domestic market, plus the Indian neighbourhood market is some 2.5 billion users of mobiles. In contrast the USA is just 12% of the market with 330 million mobile users.

Huawei Launches World's First 5G Base Station Core Chip for Simplified 5G

Jan 24, 2019, Huawei has launched world's first core chip specifically designed for 5G base stations. At a 5G launch event in Beijing that doubled up as a pre-briefing for the MWC Barcelona 2019, Huawei announced the innovative chip that will support simplified 5G networks and large-scale 5G network deployment all over the world. To date, the company has won 30 commercial 5G contracts and shipped over 25,000 5G base stations globally.
Download the Huawei document on the range of 5G opportunities...

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It is obvious that the US approach to standards, which has deployed the "de facto" approach where some company becomes dominant as a result of "market forces" is an altogether naive approach. It was this approach that put the US mobile operators behind the European Union that championed telecom standards for mobiles in the 1980s/1990s leading to the early domination of European operators such as Vodafone.

The USA has also fallen behind China in other leading edge technologies in key sectors because of their failing approach. China leads in advances in electrical vehicles (70% of world market), electrical vehicle propulsion batteries (having reduced the prices of energy units 80% in the last 8 years) and solar energy cells, which today are amongst the lowest cost generators of electricity; all green technologies.

The United States, unfortunately, when losing the technological quality arguments tends to resort to unfair competitive practice and in the case of Huawei have opted to scare mongering by stating that Huawei is likely to introduce back door access to Chinese intelligence agencies in their 5G technology. There is absolutely no evidence for this but there is evidence to show that US technology corporations and social media and search technology companies have done just that for US intelligence agencies, for many years.

Anyone with any sense will stick to Huawei products because they are world leaders and this will help the applications developers, who ride on such systems, to get ahead.

The next step the US might take will be its tested and failed approach of imposing sanctions of countries or companies who collaborate with Huawei. But this is ridiculous and uncouth luddite approach to "competition" and "free markets" and which exposes a good deal of hypocrisy and ignorance on the part of US government technology strategists who are aware that China has long since overtaken the US in the annual registration of high technology patents.

The Google postscript...

Google, following the US administration's banning of Huawei products for 5G has decided to cut off its contacts from Huawei by refusing to support Android updates. As can be observed, the US government's isolation from this important technology will lead to Huawei and others taking over the future development of such inputs as chips and now Android updates. It is poorly appreciated that Huawei has contributed a lot of original inputs to this operating system.

Given the extremely high concentration of usage and expansion in China and India, the American antics are more of an irritant and are unjustified. An example of a recent US government sanction that backfired was the ill-advised US pressure on Europe to impose sanctions on Russia. This led to the Russian government banning imports of a large range of European and US farm produce losing US and European farmers $ billions. However, this resulted in a revolution in Russian agricultural investment leading to Russia becoming the world's largest exporter of wheat. Big strides are being gained in their strategy to develop organic farming whose products command higher international prices and not to invest in GMOs which, as the Monsato saga demonstrates, has several complicating issues surrounding pesticides and health risks.

By 2020 it is estimated that Chinese companies will have a 76% share of the global smartphone market and S Korea and the USA will only have 20% and 14% respectively. The US market is more or less saturated and Huawei's strategy has been to target where the major expanding markes are in lower income countries in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. Huawei does not need the USA market.

For some time the combination of spying and manipulation exercised through Google's Android OS has led to many in the technology sphere to seriously consider developing a less tainted and compromised replacement operating system. The spread of knowhow throughout the world makes this a completely feasible proposition within a very short period of time. Huawei already has its own operating system and they are likely to intensify development and support for this as a result of Google's decision.

Google's latest move will only encourage this development. It needs to be remembered that much at Google wasn't developed by Google and anyone with the capital can play the same game of buying out smaller innovative groups who are often starved for cash to support rapid expansion. For example acquisitions within the Chinese smartphone fraternity (Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo) represent a way for Huawei to move. A spokesman for SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab, who carried out the 2020 projections, commented that,

"Huawei is applying a growth strategy which is sustainable and it is evolving exactly along the lines of our projections made within the Tempo programme coordinated in Brussels. Our own studies show that to sustain this strong growth there is a need to lower unit prices significantly within the next 3 years, leading to a significant acceleration in takeup. We believe Huawei is likely to follow this strategy. Overall, the loser in this saga is likely to be US technology. It is also likely to result in a strategic reduction in Chinese investment in Silicon Valley and in China expanding its own venture capital initiatives for high tech, drawing global human resources and engineering knowhow towards the already highly successful Chinese innovation parks."

Our correspondent asked if there are implications arising from the Google reaction and the US administration's attack on 5G. The SEEL spokesman replied,

"Huawei are way ahead of the US in 5G and possess all of the knowledge and knowhow to revolutionise the mobile smartphone market by being the first to introduce specific 5G benefits. No other smartphone manufacturer has this capability. We think that Huawei's strategy should be to prepare their operating system as the platform for 5G applications and then launch a completely new generation mobile system worldwide according to their own standards. The economic benefits for users can be very significant and Huawei have been stating this for several years. Unfortunately the US tech firms have been too engrossed in the simpler social media type growth and which has been badly handled leading to a slow down in the advance of the leading edge technologies such as 5G and OS platforms geared to 5G."

Now it is Iran...

APEurope editorial team: info@apeurope.org

The sheer incompetence and poor performance of Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Elliott Abrams has been there for all to see. Their antics have made an international mockery of the standing of the United States in the international arena. The absurd attempt to impose sanctions on Venezuela, further exacerbating the condition of that population and attempting to bring about a coup (referred to as a regime change) in full view of the international community based on posturing, attempted bullying, threats of military intervention and manipulating an ineffective puppet in the form of Juan Guaido. Guaido declared himself to be Venezuelan President when all the world knows he is not. His announcement was gravely "supported" by Vice President Pence with a straight face, initiating his declaration with "Hola!", was quite comical. Rather than carry Guaido off to an asylum, the Venezuelan government allowed Guaido to roam freely increasingly making a fool of himself and the US administration. As things progressed predictive statements made by Bolton, Pence and Pompeo only became more ridiculous, proving to be completely vacuous. Their image declined into one showing a lack of intelligence and keystone cop type incompetence. The Venezuelan government's tactic, of essentially doing nothing, succeeded in running the whole of this US "regime change strategy" into the ground. The Venezuelan government forces, in general, showed restraint while the "opposition" groups demonstrated their tendency for violence.

The sabre rattling of the Trump administration and a series of inappropriate threats and statements only confirmed to the world the USA's assumption that it alone can decide what happens in the politics of South America, continues that out of date, parochial view of its right to impose the worst version of the Munroe Doctrine on independent countries. The affair has been a diplomatic disaster, not that there was any diplomacy involved, just arrogance, Pompeian swagger and tendency towards threatening behaviour. All an affront to the world community.

According to Ibn Nr, there have been no changes in intent of actions, covert or otherwise by Iran to justify the current Hullabaloo of the USA which appears to imagine that the world will continue to respond to the old British gun boat "diplomacy". It appears that the trigger for this "alarm" is, as usual, joint disinformation emanating from Israeli and Saudi "intelligence" to try and push the USA, as usual, into acting against the interests of the United States. The opportunity for this device arose as a result of Trump needing a diversion from the embarrassment of the Venezuelan debacle. As is well-established, both Saudi Arabia and Israel want the normal destruction of national utility infrastructures to lead to "regime change". The aircraft carriers were dispatched to that region some time ago and Trump has been taken in by the "alarm bells" and pushed hiss previously observed serious belief in the "power" of such aircraft carriers and support vessels. This cranky approach was observed during the North Korean talks, where he tried to combine, as always, threats with his version of "diplomacy". Although, all of this might impress some, military strategists agree that this is not only out of date is id perilous. It is beyond belief that the Pentagon has authorised taking these fleets so close to an imagined enemy's territorial waters. Such a move has placed these fleets in such a vulnerable position that they destroyed within minutes under such circumstances with small short range hazard missiles which are so numerous they can completely overwhelm ship defence mechanisms. The situation is even more dangerous if there are several ships in a constellation because of signal corruption and danger of friendly fire damage. No matter what these ships launch in retaliation to any attack will be picked up immediately by anti-missile batteries so as to nullify their effect. So Trump, under Bolton's and other's goading, is attempting to draw attention away from the Venezuela debacle with the excuse that "something else" has turned up in the form of Iranian intents or "intended" actions. It is very unlikely that this is, in fact, the case. However, in doing so Trump has placed thousands of US naval personnel at risk of losing their lives and under conditions where they have far less defensive capabilities that he understands. The Bolton announcement of any actions by Iranian interests including through proxies against the interests of the USA, Israel or Saudi Arabia is the typical priming of the conditions to provide an excuse for actions based on false flag incidents. The world has seen all of this before with Gulf of Tonkin incident, which did not take place, (Vietnam), weapons of mass destruction, which did not exist, (Iraq) and the linking of the Twin Towers to Suddam Hussain, when there was no connection what-so-ever; all false narratives used to carry out what people like Pompeo and Bolton desire. No one focuses on the millions of innocent people murdered as a result of these irresponsible actions based on falsehoods, and yet, here we go again.

Under the circumstances one can only surmise that this is par for the course of the now much discredited Trumpian "art of the deal" bluff as a pre-election demonstration of just how tough he is on those he has declared to be "enemies of the US". However, it is suspected that MEK, Bolton's favourite proxy cronies, are being encouraged to organise false flag events along the lines of the discredited White Helmets in Syria with "helpful inputs" and encouragement from Saudi Arabia and Israel. The recent "sabotage" attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf are suspected to be such events but they were poorly executed and hardly of any import but could have been a device carried out by Israeli SEAL forces.

To try and use these incidents to point the finger at Iran is close to ridiculous. Like the supposed chemical attacks in Syria, the Iranian government has no interest is provoking the situation and giving any excuse for the USA to initiate yet another more-than-likely-to-fail attack along the lines of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Of course the "official" lie is all of this is undertaken with the objective of humanitarian concerns and the desire to change regimes to promote democracy for the people whereas it is now plain that the reverse is true. It is to help create failed states in Israel's back yard by exporting religious fanatacism from Saudi Arabia to the benefit of Israel. This is the track record of gruesome evidence left in the wake of these unacceptable ventures.

America’s fifth columns need to be destroyed

A fifth column is a group of people who undermine the interests of a larger group from within, usually in favour of an external interest to that of the larger group. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Where the constitution of the larger group, for example a nation, establish in law, codes of conduct so as to establish how objectives can be legally secured, then citizens or foreigners are at liberty to uphold the constitutional provisions by pointing out when these are not observed. Non-observation is always a result of a decision by an individual or group, so exposure can result in these individuals attempting to harm the individual or individuals exposing non-compliance with constitutional principles. If the individuals who have not complied with constitutional provisions are members of a government or government agency their actions constitute a form of fifth column activity because they have attempted to advance their work through unconstitutional means. This work can be to support an agency or government military department. Those who have aimed to point out transgressions with the objective of bringing government operations back into compliance with the constitution need to be protected from harm. The recent Mueller report that could not identify examples of collusion between Donald Trump’s team and Russians was completed but now the fifth column dimensions are likely to be exposed. The Clinton and Democratic National Committee tactics were typical fifth column tactics in attempting to undermine the process of the orderly transition of the election of a president through the election to confirmation through illicit means. This group worked against the interests of American democratic principles and Constitution. It would seem that the FBI knowingly conspired to undermine legal due process by making use of a bogus report, in part, funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign, to provide a fallacious justification to spy on people associated with Donald Trump’s ongoing presidential campaign.

As a sideshow the DNC also worked to undermine the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. A leak from the DNC has been misrepresented as a hack by Russian elements by the intelligence agencies who never inspected the computers concerned.

There would appear to be therefore, a fifth column at work undermining the Constitutional provisions of the USA involving individuals in the intelligence agencies, FBI, Democratic Party and others.

In the end, what defends the freedom of the people of America is access to the truth so that the Constitutional provisions can be used to identify those who would destroy the integrity of American Constitution from within. These same individuals are those who have been embarrassed by the exposures of truth about those who have abused their position to transgress important aspects of the American Constitution. These exposures have been of vital importance in informing the public of misdeeds by politicians and government agency personnel. It is time that those who have been exposed are questioned and brought to account; America must do this to re-establish its diminished image back to that of a nation truly interested in becoming an example of a coherent democracy founded on a working Constitution.

Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden and others have laid out many details of the truth, and America needs to respond by referring to that truth and addressing the need to identify those people who have become a danger from within, and bringing them to account. It is imperative that America takes this action and abandons any intent to harm Assange, Manning and Snowden. Not to do so will only mark our current period as one of tyranny and constitutional decadence characterized by an inability to face the truth and demonstrate the courage to right obvious wrongs.

The overt corruption of the promise of innovation

APEurope editorial team: info@apeurope.org

President Obama often repeated his view that the United States is "exceptional". There are good reasons to agree, as well as disagree, with this point of view. Starting with what is justifiably regarded as exceptional we can start with the blue print of the American democratic, social and policy decision-making model as represented by the American Constitution. Whereas this has long been held up as an example of rational government there is evidence that provides reason to recognise that its aim of preventing decision-making risks through a balance between the executive, legislative and judicial procedures has broken down. Unfortunately, the media has contributed to this decadence by promoting a level of social discourse on this topic which is trite and of minimal depth.

Another aspect of exceptionalism has been the attraction of many international entrepreneurs to the USA as a result of an impressive growth in modern engineering and information technology development that arose from a change in emphasis at the University of Stanford School of Engineering. This gave rise to the Silicon Valley phenomenon around Palo Alto. In this case the levels of innovation have encompassed and integrated concepts which were expressed many years ago as being a danger to freedom and privacy, but the social oversight and constitutional safeguards brought to bear to protect the public have been minimal. As a result private companies and government agencies now monitor the activities of the public in a way that is more intrusive than the Soviet Union or past central European state Stazi operations. More insidiously, the current levels of development include techniques specifically designed to manipulate people's decisions. But the media, who work along the margins of the information corporations, peddle the narrative that all of this is inevitable and the advance of technology for good or for evil cannot be countered.

An evolving police state dimension is increasingly apparent for all to see with the main political parties making use of social media, and with the help of the social media giants, controlling and selectively censoring content and the way in which political discourse is distributed. Political Action Committees (PACs) allow private corporations who, under the Constitution have no vote, to amass fortunes to lobby and pay for the promotion of selected political candidates in return for favours. Indeed the analysis shows that PACs and large corporations have no direct interest in who is elected in terms of values or philosophy. They just want whoever is elected to support their interests which they consider to have been paid for through their "contributions". This reality has had a devastating impact on the image of representatives operating a cynical management of the interests of his or her constituents. The role of democracy has become undeniably one of subservience to commercial interests.

It is commercial interests that since 1971, when Nixon took the USA off the Gold Standard, that the advent of financialization began to consolidate around a marginalization of the real economy. As early as 1972 Black and Schole developed the derivatives hedging algorithm leading to an acceleration in the grey financial markets which have grown in size to several times the size of national economies and drifting away from any effective monetary controls. The behaviour of banks and rating agencies in manipulating "free market prices" related to derivative ratings or manipulating Libor rates and exchange rates which affected contracts worldwide ended up in the 2007 financial fiasco. In constitutional terms the banks should not have been bailed out but rather those owing money to banks should have been bailed out which would have avoided the now current levels of government and private debt which is higher than it was in 2007.
Quantitative easing of increasing money supply and very low interest rates has simply helped banks and larger corporations increase their profits and executives to gain higher bonuses through share buy-backs. Money has flowed into assets such as commodities and real estate. In the meantime the real incomes of the middle and lower income groups have declined over the last 30 years, in spite of good unemployment figures, many working people are poor and need to have more than one job to survive as financialization extends its grip over health care and education.

Lastly, with the political system operating largely in the interests of corporations, Eisenhower's warning concerning the military industrial complex's threat to democracy can be recast as the financial military industrial complex as America extends its international affairs on the basis of warfare, often justified on the basis of misrepresentations of intelligence agencies. Who non-the-less demand that they are taken seriously. The US Constitution does not make adequate provisions concerning decisions on warfare or military expenditure so these activities grow at the expense of more significant domestic needs.

The current state of affairs marked by a very poor distribution of incomes with respect to the cost of living is a sign of a fundamental failure in constitutional provisions for the people of America to participate in their own decision-making. The cause of this is a lack of constitutional provisions to support public choice based on access to the facts largely as a result of the abject failure of the corporate media in the USA to carry out their Constitutional function.